Diana Mehner

In an interview, professional dog photographer Diana Mehner gives tips for unusual pictures of four-legged friends and explains how important it is for her to work in true colour with her ColorEdge CG2700S monitor from EIZO.

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Marvin Dreblow

With his work "State of Nature", Marvin Dreblow deconstructs the transfigured perception of the forest. With this, he took second place in the new BFF Promotion Award 2022 and won an EIZO ColorEdge CG2700S.

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Edisen is a global full-service partner in communications, entertainment, post-production and MarTech and has chosen EIZO's CG3146 reference monitor to assure its grading quality.

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ColorEdge Ambassador Christin Necker

Photographer and filmmaker Christin Necker aims to inspire her viewers through the power of visual storytelling, and counts time-lapse, hyperlapse and drone videography among her specialties.

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Martin Hülle

With "Another Time, Another Place", photographer Martin Hülle has published his second photo book. His ColorEdge CS2740 was his central tool.

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ColorEdge Ambassador Pascal Vandecasteele

The ColorEdge CG319X is the reliable companion of architecture and portrait photographer Pascal Vandecasteele. The photographer can also rely on the monitor's brilliant colour reproduction in product photography.

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frame by frame

Film post-production studio frame by frame has equipped all of its production studios with EIZO ColorEdge and FlexScan series monitors.

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Thomas Adorff

Photographer Thomas Adorff has been using the ColorEdge CS2740 for six months. Here he describes his experiences with the new 4K graphics monitor.

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Marzotto Group

Marzotto is committed to digitising its design and sampling process as much as possible.

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ColorEdge Ambassador Christian Ammann

Fashion and beauty photographer Christian Ammann skillfully sets the scene for ballet dancer Marta.

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Chris Burkard

EIZO spoke to photographer Chris Burkard about his photos, his travels and the importance of colour in his work.

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Sascha Hüttenhain

Movements full of grace and charm in time with the music and perfect body control – this is what Sascha Hüttenhain aims to capture in his photographs.

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Flying Holland

In this interview, photographer John Gundlach explains how the ColorEdge CG279X helps him with his work.

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The National Gallery

The National Gallery in London relies on EIZO ColorEdge monitors for the digitalisation of their artworks.

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Digital Texile Connection

Through the Digital Textile Connection, EIZO supports digital solutions for sampling and quality control processes in the textile industry.

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Claudia Rocchini

In this interview, the high-demand journalist and photographer tells us how helpful her ColorEdge CG2420 is for her photography.

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Studio AKA

"Hey Duggee" creators use EIZO ColorEdge for their award winning content.

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The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra relies on the results of ColorEdge monitors for its post-production work.

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Origin Point

Origin Point is a full service commercial, narrative, and documentary production company that specializes in creating branded content for their clients.

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Mehrdad Abedi

Mehrdad Abedi’s job takes him all over the world. And wherever he goes, he always has his camera gear with him. Mehrdad gives us a fascinating look inside the cockpit of a commercial airliner – and a view out the cockpit window, too.

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Microstock photographer Lasse Behnke

In an interview with Lasse Behnke he discusses his path to success and his most important tool, the EIZO ColorEdge CG2730.

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Daniele Barraco – a photographer with a passion for people

Daniele Barraco speaks to EIZO in an interview about his passions as a photographer and just how much easier the CG319X makes his work.

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ColorEdge Ambassador Marianna Santoni

Marianna talks about how ColorEdge monitors have changed her workflow.

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Skydance Media

Production company Skydance Media relied on ColorEdge monitors from EIZO to create the VFX for the film Terminator: Dark Fate.

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Studio Isar Animation

Studio Isar Animation uses EIZO ColorEdge monitors to work on animated movies.

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Marsel van Oosten choses CG2730

In his personal review Wildlife Photographer Marsel van Oosten explains why he upgraded to EIZO CG2730.

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Underwater photographer Pietro Formis

Italian underwater photographer Pietro Formis captures the beauty and secrets of the underwater world in mesmerising images. He relies on ColorEdge graphics monitors to edit his images.

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Amazon Fashion

Amazon decided to replace all colour critical monitors to EIZO in the Amazon Fashion studios worldwide.

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Photographer and visual artist Katerina Belkina

One of the shooting stars of the international art scene.

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Magda Wasiczek, ColorEdge Ambassador

ColorEdge Ambassador Magda Wasiczek is a Polish photographer who has made a name for herself with her magical and inspiring floral and macro photography.

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An undistorted point of view into the Earth’s interior

Ulla Lohmann won the ‘Jugend forscht’ (‘youth researches’) competition at the age of 18. She used the prize money to take a trip around the world. Now aged 40, she still hasn’t stopped travelling.

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Animal Photographer Tanja Brandt

Animal photographer and falconer Tanja Brandt portrays the genuine cross-species friendship between a dog, owl, and other birds of prey. This has resulted in heart-warming photos which depict pure harmony.

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Nature photographer and radiologist Timm Allrich

Some may know Timm Allrich as a nature photographer and teacher. Others may know him as a radiology specialist. Both of his fields of expertise have one big thing in common: EIZO monitors play a key role in his related work.

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Printmaker James Tan

James Tan is one of the most sought-after printmakers in the Asia Pacific region. He relies on EIZO ColorEdge monitors to edit his pictures.

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ColorEdge Ambassador Martin Stranka

ColorEdge Ambassador Martin Stranka's distinctive vision of photography is etched as a unique space located in a balance and serenity. He trusts in EIZO monitors for many years now.

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Marsel van Oosten

When ColorEdge Ambassador Marsel van Oosten was on the lookout for a new monitor, he knew that he would pick an EIZO model again. Here, he explains why he chose the CG247X.

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Landscape Photographer Stefan Forster

Chasing Light – Landscape photographer Stefan Forster is always on the lookout for spectacular nature und perfect light during his countless trips around the globe. For the past 12 years, he has relied on EIZO ColorEdge monitors to edit his pictures.

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Pirates 'N Paradise

The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 HDR grading monitor from EIZO in practice with the post-production experts from Pirates ‘N Paradise, one of the most renowned post-production companies in Germany.

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Roularta Media Group

Roularta Media Group, Belgium’s most important editor, relies on EIZO. The stock exchange listed multimedia group has more than 2,000 employees and uses over 1,000 EIZO monitors for office applications, layouting, image processing and colorproofing.

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Uli Kunz – Underwater Photographer

There is a genuine symphony of colours underwater! As an underwater photographer, Uli Kunz uses flashes and lights to help capture colours in the dark depths of the sea. He relies on his ColorEdge CG2730, a wide gamut monitor that covers the entire Adobe RGB colour space, for his image processing.

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ColorEdge Ambassador Marsel van Oosten
ColorEdge Ambassador Marsel van Oosten

"When I’m processing, I want to be 100% certain that I’m looking at the closest possible representation of my original raw file, so I work on the best monitors money can buy - those from EIZO."

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Fondazione Fotografia Modena

The Fondazione Fotografia Modena is an exhibition and training centre entirely devoted to photography and contemporary imagery. Through its activities it provides a privileged platform for dialogue and investigation of the fundamental role played by imagery in our culture.

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Gilles Peress

Working at 4K produces sharper images and a faster, more cost-efficient workflow for Gilles Peress and his studio.

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Mackevision Medien Design GmbH

Mackevision has been relying upon the high-performance EIZO monitors for over ten years, using these devices for image production in all colour-critical applications.

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Radomir Jakubowski

Radomir Jakubowski is one of Germany’s most successful nature and wildlife photographers. Through various contests, he has received countless awards for his photographs.

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Universal Production Partners, a.s.

The Czech post-production studio Universal Production Partners (UPP) uses over 100 EIZO 4K graphic monitors for creating visual effects of international film projects.

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Stefan Christmann

Capturing colours in a world of boundless ice – nature photographer Stefan Christmann takes captivating photos documenting the lives of emperor penguins in the Antarctic. His equipment in this inhospitable environment includes the EIZO CG2730 ColorEdge, which he uses for image processing.

Tomaso Baldessarini

Photographer Tomaso Baldessarini spent weeks in New York for his book titled ‘28MM – Edition Manhattan.’ Some 10,000 photos were drawn on in creating the coffee-table book. The EIZO ColorEdge CG2730 played a crucial role during the postproduction and soft-proofing processes.

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Staud Studios

STAUD STUDIOS has already been using a wide variety of models from the EIZO FlexScan and ColorEdge series in photography, CGI, filming and post production for more than a decade.

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