What users in the financial sector need:

  1. High image quality for a clear display
  2. Monitors suited to multi-screen solutions
  3. Failure safety – data in your grasp at all times
  4. Sophisticated ergonomics for efficient working

Image quality

Multi-monitor solutions with excellent image quality

The tried-and-tested office monitors from EIZO present razor-sharp data, tables, and diagrams. The use of innovative panel technology produces excellent viewing angle stability, meaning that you can enjoy a clear view of your data from any angle. EIZO business LCDs boast absolute freedom from flickering and a surface with an anti-reflection coating, which provides signifcant protection for your eyes


Multi-screen installations for a better overview

Monitors with large screens are recommended for use in the financial sector so that you can display several sets of data in parallel. Where one screen alone isn't enough, multi-screen installations offer even more space for plenty of content.

At EIZO, you will find business monitors in various sizes and formats. The large widescreen models and EIZO ultra-slim LCDs are particularly suited for use in the financial sector. The latter are truly impressive, with housings that are just 1 mm wide, making them perfect multi-monitor models.


Failsafe monitors for banks

Of course, reliability is one of the most vital factors at banks, insurance providers, and stock exchanges. Breakdowns can result in considerable financial consequences for brokering. In the worst case scenario, the monitor needs to be replaced quickly. EIZO monitors make this possible quickly and easily thanks to the integrated power supply and convenient carrying handle.

The extraordinary durability and reliability of the EIZO LCDs is down to the top quality of the components and the strictest control procedures during production. And should it actually prove necessary, we will replace your monitor quickly and without fuss. Our warranty will be there for you for an entire five years.

Monitors for the financial sector

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