Technical data
  • Two 5-megapixel colour LCD screens with consistently high and stable brightness for clear mammogram imaging
  • Clear perceptibility of microstructures through high contrast and Sharpness Recovery technology
  • Palette with 68 billion hues for precise colour reproduction (10-bit resolution max.)
  • Hybrid gamma PXL functionality for precise display, down to the pixel, of greyscale and colour images with the required luminance characteristic curve
  • Homogenous display surface with automatic luminance distribution control (Digital Uniformity Equaliser)
  • Set up for calibration, acceptance, and consistency testing in accordance with DIN 6868-157 and QS-RL
  • Effortless quality control and built-in calibration sensor
  • Light sensor to measure ambient light at the diagnostic station
  • Compact dual-screen solution through a shared stand with narrow bezels and ergonomic design
Specification Data sheet